Thank you all very much !

Wow, I didn’t expect so many positive reactions on my mail informing you about my blog.
This really inspires me to continue ! Thank you for this ! If you have any questions regarding a certain post, please don’t send me a mail but use the reaction form of that particular post to post your question 🙂

I already received some good questions but of course I cannot answer them all at the same time so I will make a list and inform you personally when I will write about the subject you have questions about.

I hope that I can give you the information you need, and if I don’t have the answers myself I will dive into my books and ask the specialist who know so much more about the voice because of their specialties (researchers or doctors…).

One of these researchers, whom I’ve known for many many years already and has become a dear friend, has explained many things about the voice to me already: Dr.Ir.Gerrit Bloothooft, researcher at the University of Utrecht in Onomastics/ Phonetics and Speech Communication. Gerrit always checks the things I write about the voice and he is still there to make sure that I correct any mistakes I may have made.
Thank you Gerrit for all your support and the enormous pile of books you recently gave me 🙂

I would also like to thank my father.
In the summer of 2015 I decided to start to write about the voice. My first idea was to write a book. My father (Herman Geuens, Internist/ Nefrologist), who had always been very interested in my singing, was ill. And when it was clear that my father didn’t have much more time, I wanted to write as much as I could while he was still alive. To share with him my passion for the voice and to give him something worthwhile to do during the long days he spent lying in his bed.
It was very special to speak with my father about the things I wanted to write about. As a researcher he was of course very precise and also very correct about what he did know and about what he didn’t know. He would never say or write anything that he wasn’t 200% sure of.
He inspired me to continue writing when a publishing house, that first did want to publish my book, didn’t want to cooperate anymore, because they found that the subjects I wrote about were too specific.
So dear father, thank you for all your wise comments and your inspiration.

Well…so I finally decided not to write a book but to start a blog in which we can communicate with each other. In the blog I can use the writings I have done in the past years.
I am grateful to Daniel Patriasz who is helping me out with my website and who is very patient in organizing the blog for me.

In my blog I want to share with you everything about the voice that is worthwhile knowing and since I got so many positive and enthusiastic reactions I am sure we are going to make this platform work!! 🙂

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