Artikelen door Lieve Geuens

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Did you know that singing is much easier when you have a positive attitude and a positive mindset ? Maybe you already experienced it..but do you also know why it works that way? Did you know that all the muscles in your body are more flexible and that it is much easier to control your […]

The Dancing Diaphragm by Gerrit Bloothooft

I am very happy that Gerrit Bloothooft has translated his very interesting article for us in English. You can read some interesting facts about singing and the function of the diaphragm. If you have questions; please ask !   The dancing diaphragm Gerrit Bloothooft Utrecht institute of Linguistics – OTS Utrecht University (this paper has […]

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lip trill, semi-occlusion, straw and lax vox

This post is written as an extended answer to questions Hyoseon Kim asked about the “lip trill” (or lip roll) exercise. First off all: You can do the “lip trill” exercise (“brrr”) with or without voice. When you do them without using your voice (without closing your vocal folds), you will most of all train […]

welcome to my first post

A very warm welcome to the first post on my brand-new blog! With this blog I would like to create a platform where we can talk about the human voice.  So, if you’d like to add something, from your experience or otherwise, concerning your own voice you can always post something on my blog.   Apart […]