I am happy to invite you to listen to some remarkable projects that were recorded lately.  These singers all make beautiful music and are very different from each other. The only thing they have in common is that I recently or some years ago had the privilege to be one of their teachers.   I asked the singers to write some lines and to give a link so you can listen to it.  So here they are: Esther, Mira, Hebe, Joran, Joëlle and Henk.

ESTHER VAN HEES – “Esther Von Haze”      genre: retro pop (80’s inspired)

I am Esther Van Hees (1991), I studied with Lieve Geuens during my masters of jazz singing at the conservatory in Amsterdam.

In 2016 I recorded an album with producers Nelson & Djosa. Since it was my first album in the pop genre I decided to give myself an artist name and I went for Esther Von Haze, which is just a slightly cooler version of my real name. The album was definitely inspired by the music from the 80’s, we used lots of old synthesizers and I listened to Kate Bush loads while we were in the recording process, I love her music. Lieve visited the studio to coach me when I had to sing some of the more challenging songs. Now my band (Reindert Kragt, Bram Knol, Luuk Janssen) and I are really happy and proud that the album will finally be out on the 29th of June with a release party in Cinetol in Amsterdam! It will be released online on all music platforms and will be sold in the Dutch Plato Recordstores; https://www.platomania.nl/album/6127170/esther-von-haze/haze-esther-von  (with review) . The album will also be released in Japan and Korea through the labels P-vine and Planet Benson.     www.facebook.com/EstherVonHaze

MIRA THOMPSON – “Tiny shoes”

Building on the original idea of using the sounds that my wheelchair makes I ,together with my singer friend Femke Smit, wrote a song. During the proces of making this song, we found ourselves having meaningful conversations about this subject. These conversations were essential in the process and helped us form the song even better. My roommate and friend Feline Hjermind, who is a video artist, made the videoclip.   It is my intention to subvert of what I believe to be the stereotypical image which most people have of those with visible disabilities. I want to replace this with my own perception of my situation. Sentimentality plays no role in this.    As a result of this song I’m now working on a project with the same theme with the guitarist, Dario Trapani. I hope to present more of this project in the near future.    Stay tuned!        https://vimeo.com/268378473     www.mirathompson.com 

HEBE (Vrijhof) – “Tell me”

My Ep Tell Me (released in singles and accompanied by videos) balances between electro and pop inspired by movie-scenes and filmmusic. I use a wide range of tones in order to find balance between the contrasting delicacy and power in a track, fusing together a blend of melancholy and ebullience.   I write about experiences in love, about my love for nature, about confrontations with life and about frightening or hopeful thoughts.   Since I was a little girl I listened to Van Morrison, he has been an inspiration for me in his versatility as a songwriting, collaborations with other artists and as a bandleader. Artists like James Blake and Rhye have inspired me for this latest album Tell Me: electronic drums, warm synths and mellotron sounds combined with the sound of vocal harmonies and guitar. New album coming in autumn 2018!

www.hebeofficial.com   www.facebook.com/hebeofficial   www.instagram.com/Hebeofficialmusic   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWqB6ArXcR9mr_XLVanOurw        https://open.spotify.com/artist/1MRHpcPa6DxFio08LUpuFJ


My first album is a result of the clash between my Jazz education at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam and modern hip-hop and r&b influences. It’s meant as an honest window into some of my personal experiences in 2016 and 2017. The lyrics are focussed on creating certain moods through the wording and portraying true feelings. The experience of recording and producing in a mostly digital setting gave me invaluable insight into the process of creating a defined sound. I’m thankful to have worked with Alberto Arifi, who coached me and guided me.

https://open.spotify.com/album/29p9RtrdxWggFVrBQAy3gw?si=8oDDUvnVR3arTdQM7yFzBw         https://soundcloud.com/joranpaul/sets/bellator


After having lived in New York for almost a year, Joëlle Goercharn has returned with a suitcase filled with beautiful songs and these can be heard on her debut EP ‘Silhouette’ (producer Wiboud Burkens). Her CD was released on November 23, 2018, and can be heard on Spotify, Apple MusicAmazon, and the Plato & Concerto webshop.

Joëlle takes her audience into a blend of dreamy pop songs which echo her Indian roots. Life in New York and the stories of her Hindustani grandmother are the inspiration for her music along with musical influences by Laura Mvula, Daniel Lanois, Lizz Wright and Classical Indian music. For an impression of her music watch the video for her single “Stained Glass”.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_Mh8f4j-_0                        www.joellegoercharn.com

HENK KRAAIJEVELD – “Passenger” (release Feb. 2018)

Henk Kraaijeveld is a versatile jazz vocalist and songwriter from The Netherlands who brings together compelling music with strong lyrics, storytelling and surprising improvisations. Playful and light-footed elements alternate with intense and vivacious grooves and harmonies. Rooted in jazz, Kraaijeveld and his band are always looking to find connections between different styles of music, connections between musicians and between people, through layered and accessible music. Kraaijeveld’s debut album Passengers contains mostly original songs as well as two pop-covers. The outcome of his collaboration with pianist and composer Daan Herweg was officially released at the Bimhuis (see YouTube-link here).The album is released on ZenneZ Records, available on iTunes and Spotify, and via www.henkkraaijeveld.com 

Press comments:  “…wonderful interplay between singer and instrumentalists. Almost too beautiful… Debut to be proud of.” – Zing Magazine 

“A mature debut album.****1/2” – JAZZISM 

“Sings with an inner drive that takes the listener on a journey” – JazzFlits .   

Henk Kraaijeveld vocals Daan Herweg piano Paul van der Feen reeds Tobias Nijboer double bass Joan Terol Amigó drums Eran Har Even guitar 

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  1. Esther
    Esther zegt:

    a very nice list of cd’s to be on! <3 thankyou for sharing Lieve! Thankful that you were there coaching me in the studio!


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